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40-50 mmHg Women Knee High Open Toe Compression Socks

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Varcoh ® 40-50 mmHg Women Knee High Open Toe Compression Socks Beige
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Item specifics

  • Condition: New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item.
  • Brand: VARCOH ®
  • Series: Medical Grade
  • Department: Adult, Men, Unisex, Women
  • Toe Type: Open Toe
  • Categories: Compression Socks / Stockings
  • Available Sizes: S ~ 5XL
  • Compression Level: 40-50 mmHg
  • Fabric Content: 70% Nylon, 30% Spandex
  • Labels & Certifications: Store Dry
  • Features: Adjustable, Graduated Compression
  • Package includes: 1 pair

VARCOH ® Women knee high Compression Socks

40-50 mmHg RX, Open Toe
Varcoh ® 40-50 mmHg Women Knee High Open Toe Compression Socks Black
Varcoh ® 40-50 mmHg Women Knee High Open Toe Compression Socks Beige

Opaque Support

Model ZTLZ

40-50 mmHg – Women – Knee High – Open Toe – 1 Pair – Available in Black, Beige

Please Note: We highly recommend consulting with your physician or therapist if this is your first time using a 40-50mmHg compression. This is an RX strength and is intended to be used only if your currently in this compression.

40-50 mmHg are best suited for severe varicosities, chronic edema, severe venous stasis, management of ulcer recurrence, early stages of lymphedema, and active venous ulcers.

Made of soft, durable material, the latest knitting technology ensures a complete feeling of support on your journey to healthier legs with a 40-50 compression.

For severe issues with blood flow and leg and foot pain, the 40-50 mmHg pressure level socks can help.

It’s the highest pressure sock available. You’ll need to get a medical prescription and proper fitting.

It is recommended that those considering using the 40-50 mmHg compression strength should thoroughly consult their healthcare provider about the compression stockings and their health and mobility.

Varcoh ® is our private line of high-Quality Compression At Value Pricing!

All Products are designed and engineered with your comfort in mind.

Varcoh ® delivers physicians prescribed elastic compression therapy guaranteed.


▸ Extreme fatigue and discomfort, significantly impacting daily activities

▸ Severe swelling or edema, affecting walking and movement

▸ Severe varicose veins with skin ulcers and wounds

▸ Muscle spasms leading to difficulty in walking

▸ Chronic pain and disability due to varicose veins


▸ Treatment of severe varicose veins and chronic venous thrombosis

▸ Emergency recovery after varicose vein surgery

▸ Management of severe circulatory issues like chronic lymphedema

▸ Highly specialized rehabilitation therapy for muscle or nerve injuries

▸ Control of severe venous circulation problems

Varcoh ® 40-50 mmHg Women Knee High Open Toe Compression Socks Beige

About This Item

These 40-50 mmHg RX compression socks are specifically designed for individuals with severe symptoms, necessitating the highest level of pressure support. With an open-toe design, they provide superior breathability and comfort, ideal for prolonged wear in warm climates or extended periods.

These socks are recommended for individuals experiencing advanced stages of chronic venous insufficiency, severe edema, venous ulcers, or lymphatic disorders.

It’s essential to use them under the guidance and recommendation of a medical professional to ensure proper usage and effectiveness in managing these serious vascular conditions.

Durable elastic fabric

Made with a blend of 70% nylon and 30% spandex fabric, these ensure comfort while providing excellent elasticity and durability.

Nylon offers superior abrasion resistance and tensile strength, while spandex enhances fit and support, aiding in promoting blood circulation, reducing leg fatigue, and swelling.

Varcoh ® 40-50 mmHg Women Knee High Open Toe Compression Socks Beige
Varcoh ® 40-50 mmHg Women Knee High Open Toe Compression Socks Beige

Open Toe

This compression sock features an open toe design, enhancing breathability to allow your toes to breathe freely, keeping them dry and comfortable, especially suitable for hot weather or extended wear.

Graduated Compression

Applying the strongest pressure at the ankle and gradually decreasing upwards provides optimal blood circulation and muscle support.

Whether you’re standing for long periods, sitting at a desk, or active in sports, our gradient compression socks offer stable support and comfortable wear, ensuring your legs receive comprehensive care and protection.

Varcoh ® 40-50 mmHg Women Knee High Open Toe Compression Socks Beige


2022 Varcoh Logo

Varcoh ® provides high quality, medical grade compression at value pricing.

All Varcoh ® compression socks are designed with your health and comfort in mind. Identical to high end brands, we take 4-6 compression measurements at precise intervals between the ankle and end of garment. Multiple measurements guarantee our garments are comfortable and deliver an accurate distribution of the pressure gradient.

Varcoh ® has been serving the public for over 15 years, providing great prices and the largest selection on all types of compression products. We strive to bring you the best prices day-in day-out.


When health becomes a top priority, especially when seeking medical support, we understand that everyone is unique. Therefore, we are proud to introduce Varcoh ® Compression Socks, offering an unparalleled personalized experience.

In addition to traditional standard sizes, we have specially tailored extra-large sizes for obese patients, ranging from 2XL to 7XL, meeting your needs. These medical-grade compression socks integrate the advice of medical experts, providing gradual pressure for precise and gentle support. Whether it’s lymphedema, varicose veins, or other circulatory issues, Varcoh ® Compression Socks offer the best solution.

Choosing Varcoh ® Compression Socks, you will not only experience tailored comfort but also receive the necessary support throughout the treatment process. Because we understand that every step deserves the best care.

Compression Sock Levels

Compression stockings are medical grade devices designed to move blood flow.

Support compression stockings are made available in multiple compression support levels. Most commonly compression support stockings come in mild (8-15 mmHg), Medium (15-20 mmHg), Firm (20-30 mmHg), X-Firm (30-40 mmHg) gradient compression levels.


1. Provides relief and minimizes tired and achy legs.

2. Prevents fatigued legs from long periods of sitting or standing.

3. Helps relieve minor swelling of feet, ankles, and legs.

4. During pregnancy, helps prevent the formation of varicose and spider veins.

5. Helps maintain healthy, energized legs.


1. For the prevention and relief of minor to moderate varicose and spider veins.

2. Helps relieve tired, aching legs, and minor swelling of feet, ankles, and legs.

3. During pregnancy, helps prevent varicose veins and spider veins.

4. Helps prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT), also known as economy class syndrome.

5. Used in post-sclerotherapy treatment to help prevent the reappearance of varicose veins and spider veins.

6. Ideal compression level used for those traveling long distances.

First time wearing compression socks?

We recommend you start with 15-20 mmHg or 20-30 mmHg.


1. Helps prevent and relieve moderate to severe varicose veins (also during pregnancy).

2. For post-surgical and post-sclerotherapy treatment to help prevent the reappearance of varicose and spider veins.

3. Helps in treatment of moderate to severe edema or lymphatic edema.

4. Helps with the management of active ulcers and manifestations of post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS).

5. Helps relieve superficial thrombophlebitis.

6. Helps prevent orthostatic hypotension (sudden fall in blood pressure when standing).

7. Helps prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT), also known as economy class syndrome.


1. Helps prevent and relieve severe varicose veins.

2. Used in the treatment of severe edema and lymphedema.

3. Used in post-surgical and post-sclerotherapy treatment to help prevent the reappearance of varicose and spider veins.

4. Helps reduce symptoms of Orthostatic Hypotension and Postural Hypotension.

5. For the management of Venous Ulcers and manifestations of Post-Thrombotic Syndrome (PTS).

6. Prevents deep vein thrombosis (DVT), also known as economy class syndrome.


1. 40-50 mmHg Gradient Compression Stockings are generally indicated for more Serious Venous Diseases such as Acute Leg/Ankle Swelling, Varicose Veins, Chronic Vein Insufficiency and Deep Vein Thrombosis.

2. Pregnancy related swelling and vein problems

3. Varicose or spider veins

4. Lymphedema or edema

5. Swelling, pain or blood clots in the lower legs, also known as DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)

6. Poor circulation from sitting for long periods

7. Post-surgical and post-sclerotherapy treatment

The benefits of Compression Therapy are plentiful and the reasons vary from person to person why you may choose to wear compression socks or stockings. Some of the most prevalent symptoms or conditions that benefit from compression therapy are:

▸ Pregnancy related swelling and vein problems

▸ Varicose or spider veins

▸ Lymphedema or edema

▸ Swelling, pain or blood clots in the lower legs, also known as DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)

▸ Poor circulation from sitting for long periods

▸ Post-surgical and post-sclerotherapy treatment

It can even be used as a preventive measure to maintain healthy legs for someone who spends extensive amounts of time on their feet. Quite simply, when we stand still for long periods, the forces of gravity increase the pressure within the veins of the legs where the greater effects happen at the ankle and decreases gradually up the leg and body. 

This pressure depends on the vertical distance of the column of blood from the heart to the foot. That’s why gradient compression stockings are designed with the pressure greatest at the ankle and diminishing as it moves up the leg in order to counter the effects of the higher venous pressures.

Compression therapy products are put on in the morning upon arising, which is typically before any significant swelling would occur, and then removed at night. Throughout the day the compression prevents blood from pooling in leg veins, which in turn helps your overall circulation and lessens or eliminates any leg swelling you may have.

When shopping for compression socks or stockings, it is best to measure earlier in the day before swelling builds in the legs. Measurements taken later in the day after swelling occurs may cause you to choose an item that is too large and then not effective.

There are many types of compression socks and stockings available without a prescription and they do offer wide-ranging benefits. Before wearing a compression therapy of 20 mmHg (Firm Compression) and above, it is generally recommended to consult your health care provider to find out if graduated compression stockings are right for you. If the answer is yes, they can tell you what pressure grade you should buy for maximum benefit and relief.

Compression Size Chart and Measuring - VARCOH ®

Each brand of compression stockings comes with its own unique sizing chart. A medium size in one brand may not necessarily correspond to a medium in another brand. Therefore, correctly measuring your legs is crucial. Below, you’ll find detailed instructions accompanied by helpful tips to ensure accuracy.

It’s recommended to take measurements early in the morning. This timing is essential because legs tend to swell throughout the day, even if the swelling isn’t immediately noticeable.

Discover commonly asked questions and answers on our FAQ page, or feel free to reach out to us. Our team of expert fitters is dedicated to ensuring you receive the optimal compression for your needs!

Size Chart & Notes

Size Note:

These compression socks are tighter than regular socks. If you fall into any of the following categories, we recommend ordering a size larger than usual:

1. Your size falls between two sizes;

2. You are wearing compression socks for the first time;

3. You prefer a more comfortable fit.

Varcoh compression socks size Chart SIZE S M L XL XXL 3XL 4XL 5XL
  • in:19″ – 24″
  • cm:48 – 61
  • in:20″ – 25.5″
  • cm:51 – 64.5
  • in:22″ – 27″
  • cm:56 – 68.5
  • in:24″ – 28.5″
  • cm:61 – 72
  • in:25.5″ – 30″
  • cm:64.5 – 76
  • in:27″ – 31.5″
  • cm:68.5 – 80
  • in:29″ – 33″
  • cm:73.5 – 83.5
  • in:32″ – 36″
  • cm:81 – 91
  • in:12″ – 13.5″
  • cm:29 – 34.5
  • in:12.5″ – 15″
  • cm:31.5 – 38
  • in:13.5″ – 16.5″
  • cm:34 – 42
  • in:15.5″ – 18″
  • cm:39.5 – 47
  • in:17″ – 20″
  • cm:43 – 51
  • in:18.5″ – 22″
  • cm:47 – 55.5
  • in:20″ – 23.5″
  • cm:50.5 – 60
  • in:22″ – 25″
  • cm:56 – 64
  • in:7″ – 8″
  • cm:18 – 20.5
  • in:7.5″ – 9″
  • cm:19 – 23
  • in:8.5″ – 10.5″
  • cm:21.5 – 26.5
  • in:9.5″ – 11.5″
  • cm:24 – 29
  • in:11″ – 13″
  • cm:28 – 33
  • in:12″ – 14.5″
  • cm:30.5 – 36.5
  • in:13″ – 16″
  • cm:33 – 40.5
  • in:14″ – 18″
  • cm:36 – 46

This size chart applies to all Varcoh ® brand compression products.

Please swipe left on the size table.
If you don’t know how to choose the size, please contact us.

What You’ll Need

1. A soft tape measurer.

2. A place to sit.

3. Room to sit and stand.

How to measure your legs for knee-high compression socks

Get started first thing in the morning, before your legs have starting to swell. Otherwise, you may choose a size that’s too large.

Note: If you or your doctor can’t measure your legs until later than the day, they can be elevated, bandaged, or pumped to reduce swelling.

Compression Sock Buyers Guide Ankle

② Ankle Measurement

Measure the circumference of your ankle by placing the measuring tape at the narrowest part of the ankle and wrapping it around to make a circle. This should always be your first measurement.

Compression Sock Buyers Guide Calf

③ Calf Measurement

Find the widest part of your calf and measure the circumference.

Compression Sock Buyers Guide Calf Length

④ Calf Length

Sit on a chair with your legs at a 90-degree angle. Measure the distance fro the bend in your knee to the floor.

How To Measure Your Legs For Thigh-High Compression Socks

Get started first thing in the morning, before your legs have starting to swell. Otherwise, you may choose a size that’s too large.

Note: If you or your doctor can’t measure your legs until later than the day, they can be elevated, bandaged, or pumped to reduce swelling.

Compression Sock Buyers Guide Ankle

② Ankle Measurement

Measure the circumference of your ankle by placing the measuring tape at the narrowest part of the ankle and wrapping it around to make a circle. This should always be your first measurement.

Compression Sock Buyers Guide Calf

③ Calf Measurement

Find the widest part of your calf and measure the circumference.

Compression Sock Buyers Guide Thigh

④ Thigh Measurement

Find the widest part of your thigh, right under your buttocks and measure the circumference.

Compression Sock Buyers Guide Leg Length

⑤ Leg Length

Measure the distance from your buttocks to the floor.

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Wholesale Inquiry - VARCOH ®

Brand Customization and Private Label - OEM/ODM Compression Sock Production

With over fifteen years of experience in the compression product industry, Varcoh offers OEM/ODM production services in addition to our own VARCOH brand, allowing clients to customize compression sock products with their private labels. Increasingly, many medical offices and clinics are providing Varcoh or OEM/ODM branded low-cost compression socks to their patients.

Our plans include:

1. Providing long-term discounts to compliant medical institutions, medical offices, hospitals, medical device companies, and medical clinics, supporting both OEM and ODM.

2. Wholesale pricing is available for individuals or institutions with orders of 10 pairs or more.

For more details on OEM/ODM or mixed batch wholesale, please visit: Wholesale Page.

To inquire about our wholesale prices, please fill out the form below. Our business hours are Monday to Friday, Eastern Time 9:00-18:00.

We will respond to you within 24 hours, so please ensure your information is accurate and complete.

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      Joni Loggen
      August 3, 2022
      Great seller! Thank you ?
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      Bernt håvard stamnes
      July 19, 2022
      Eine gute Ware, schnell geliefert . Gerne wieder . Danke
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      Kate Horan
      July 12, 2022
      I need these for some medical procedures and they are hardet to get on than the thigh-high ones but much more comfortable
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      July 10, 2022
      Top, gerne wieder
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      Maria Lawton
      June 22, 2022
      Schwuppdiwupp und nix ging schief, dafür gibt es POSITIV!! :-)
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      June 16, 2022
      Thanks for great service
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      June 15, 2022
      quick delivery,thankyou,regards g.m ford
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      May 19, 2022
      Gut und sehr schnell geliefert.
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      May 8, 2022
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      May 8, 2022
      Good products. Thanks.
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      May 7, 2022
      great seller ,very happy.
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      May 7, 2022
      extremely satisfied
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