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Brand Customization and Private Label - OEM/ODM Compression Sock Production

With over fifteen years of experience in the compression product industry, Varcoh offers OEM/ODM production services in addition to our own VARCOH brand, allowing clients to customize compression sock products with their private labels. Increasingly, many medical offices and clinics are providing Varcoh or OEM/ODM branded low-cost compression socks to their patients.

Our plans include:

1. Providing long-term discounts to compliant medical institutions, medical offices, hospitals, medical device companies, and medical clinics, supporting both OEM and ODM.

2. Wholesale pricing is available for individuals or institutions with orders of 10 pairs or more.

For more details on OEM/ODM or mixed batch wholesale, please visit: Wholesale Page.

To inquire about our wholesale prices, please fill out the form below. Our business hours are Monday to Friday, Eastern Time 9:00-18:00.

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